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Shahnaz Herbal
A revolutionary formula that contains exclusive herbal ingredients. It helps to delay the visible signs of aging and makes the skin appear firm, radiant and more youthful.

Shahnaz Herbal with Organic Aloe Vera Mask
Adding an anti-bacterial aloe vera mask helps to further rejuvenate aged tissues and promote healthy skin.

Shahnaz Gold
The Gold Facial, based on Ayurveda, is a powerful anti-ageing treatment, with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects. Gold is one of the softest metals and is easily absorbed by the skin. It helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes.

Shahnaz Diamond
Centuries of practical applications have shown that the diamond influences the tissues of the human body in a way which facilitates decongestion and promotes the removal of toxins and is an excellent treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This helps to oxygenate and purify the skin.

Shahnaz Thermo Herb Facial
The Thermoherb Mask is a mini face-lift, which deep cleanses, restores balances and tightens the skin. Based on an ancient thermal mask, it has been improved with herbal extracts. The mask hardens, generates heat and creates the ideal temperature between itself and the skin, at which skin absorption is highly efficient.As it hardens, it tightens the pores, sculpting the facial contours, minimizing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

Acne Facial
The treatment is based on a highly effective and clinically proven procedure for the treatment of acne and pimples. It helps to decongest and purify the skin, curing and soothing eruptions. The treatment has powerful healing properties and helps in controlling acne conditions and restoring health to the skin.

Organic Fresh Fruit Facial
Using all the goodness of fresh fruits, an excellent organic way to keep the skin healthy & refreshed in all seasons. Fresh fruit facials are done with pulps of fresh fruits only. The fruits are chosen according to the skin type.

Sensitized Skin Facial
Recommended for those who have sensitive skin . This is a soothing treatment using oatmeal, gauze and steam. Gentle extractions are performed along with a colloidal mask.

Glycolic Peel (Peel Only)
Designed to retexture the surface of the skin and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Pigmentation is improved after a series of treatment.

Glycolic Peel (Peel + Facial)
This is a combination of glycolic peel with a basic facial with Aloe mask.

Signature Skin Renewal
This is a Trishna special which will be custom made according to the need of your skin. This treatment will give total relaxation and serenity and will rejuvenate, tone and make your skin firmer.

Enzyme Facial
Our gentle form of exfoliation made from enzymes will leave the skin's surface smoother and softer. This professional treatment will improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and blemishes.

Sea Spa Vitamin C Facial
Created from 100% active Vitamin C , it protects skin from the negative effects of free radicals, stimulates collagen synthesis, promotes better skin functions, and provides non-stop radiance for the complexion; like a burst of pure sunshine for your skin.

Eye Treatement
The treatment is based on products which have been specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes. This treatment helps to revitalize and nourish the skin, removing lines, wrinkles and dark circles.


It is an exfoliation process that removes the topmost layer of dead skin from the surface of your face.

It has many benefits, the biggest being healthier, younger-looking skin.

It helps in minimizing find lines and wrinkles, minimizing enlarged pores mild acne scars evening out some uneven pigmentation.
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